Over the Net Home Evaluations

I’ve seen these offered many times, but the reality is that to get a real opinion of what your home would sell for I have to come and see your home.  Yes, even if it’s a condo.Image

I’ve got a ton of information at my finger tips.  Three of the best sources here in Toronto are; The TREB MLS, The Land Registry, and Local Knowledge.  By reviewing these and comparing them to a general description of your home I give you a price range you’re your home should sell in, but until I actually come and see the home I won’t give you a specific price.

There are a lot of reasons why and here are a few of the big ones…

The first reason I have to drop by is because you may have not mentioned all the features of your home.  If you’ve missed a feature, especially if it’s hot and current, the price of your home could change dramatically.  I’ve also got to assess the condition of the house and its features.  Things that you think are OK, might be completely worn out, you’re just well, used to them. 2119 Lake Shore

The second reason that I have to come to your house is to get a sense of what it feels (and sometimes smells) like.   A description of the layout just isn’t enough, we’ve got to experience the flow, walk through the rooms and feel the differences in temperature and smell to get a real understanding.  For example, you may be used to that musty smell in the basement, but the potential buyer might be completely turned off by it.  The same goes for pet odours…

Third, and by no means last we’ve got to show and discuss with you what other similar properties that have sold in your neighbourhood.  Our experience often allows us to “know” (or at least have a good idea) the reasons why other properties sold for the price that they did.

If you’d like an opinion of what your home could sell for in today’s market, just ask…

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