Preparing your home for Winter Showings…

There are a number of things that you should probably do to make sure that your home is “ready” for potential buyers to see it.  In the Winter there are a few extra things that can really make your home stand out.

Here’s a list (it’s not everything, but it’s a good start);

Clean the windows and let the Sun in.  Almost everyone likes rooms bathed with Windownatural light

Get a Boot Tray & sign asking people to remove their shoes / boots.  This will help you keep the floors stay as pristine as possible.

Crack open a few windows.  Yes, it’ll cost you because you’re paying to heat the house too, but a little fresh air into almost any home can make a difference.

Turn on the key lights.  You don’t have to turn on every light, but make sure that the rooms are “well lit”, and your focal points “pop” (see my previous article for more information on focal points)

Open the curtains or blinds.  This will also help let more light in and it will allow the potential buyers to see what kind of windows you have.  They are going to look anyway…

Keep up the outside maintenance.  This includes, but is not limited to shoveling the Housedriveway, salting  sanding the walk, raking the leaves, and picking up any garbage

Keep the heat at a reasonable temperature.  I suggest somewhere in the 68 – 72 Fahrenheit  or 20 – 25 Celsius range.  Too hot or too cold will send the wrong message and raise questions

Turn on all heated floors to a level that is noticeably “warm”.  If people take off their boots or shoes they’ll notice.

Keep things neat and tidy.  This includes getting rid of the daily clutter and making sure that the mirrors, shelves, and counter tops are clean and sparkling

Have a Floor Plan and Colour (Color) feature sheets available.  People will take them and look at them later.  You need something to appeal to both the right and left brained people (logical people and emotional design oriented people)

Make Room for people to Park.  Make it as easy as possible for people to get to and into your

If you feel you must use them, but be gentle.  Strong or an overpowering amount of scent could make buyer think that you’re hiding another smell. See my previous article entitled “Using a Sense of Smell to Sell your Home” for more info.

I’m sure that there are more, so feel free to add via comments below

If you’re thinking of buying or selling Toronto Real Estate, just give me a call 416-671-5775

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