What to do with Pets when your home is for sale

Pets are part of the family but when they are left in the home / condo they are sometimes a big distraction to potential buyers.  Sometimes they even leave potential buyers with a negative impression.

From the pets perspective I’m sure that they find having strangers walking through Hometheir home a little strange and quite stressful.

If you have a pet in the home I suggest that their presence be included in three separate places; on the Broker’s Remarks of the listing, on a note posted just inside the front door, and in the confirmation of the showing that is sent to the buyer’s agent.  I say this because the agent and/or potential buyers could be allergic or even afraid of your pet.  Set their expectations before they come to your front door.

If at all possible, the pet should be removed from the property during each showing.  I know that this isn’t often possible, but if you can remove them I think it helps.

If you can’t remove the pet during a showing, I suggest that it be kept in a specific Homeroom or in a cage (if they are used to that sort of thing).  I’m not saying that your pet should be in a cage or room all day, just for the showing.  If that can’t be accommodated, then perhaps some time at the “Spa” or Boarding them might be a good idea.

The most negative buyer experiences that I have had are with reptiles.  They seem to be a very popular pet lately.  I’ve seen large snakes in large terrariums and in one home a huge snake in a separate glassed in room!  It was pretty amazing, actually…

You want to sell your home and you want to do the best thing for your pet. These two don’t always compliment each other.

Whatever you decide make sure that people know about the pet if it’s still in the house.

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