Holiday Decorations and their impact on selling your home

Staging works.  It’s a fact.  How it works, is a little harder to explain.

One of the big things that Staging does is make your home a nice, comfortable, Homeinviting place that potential buyers can imagine themselves living in. The other thing that it does is get rid of all the clutter which helps make the place feel bigger and less distracting.  In my experience in the Toronto Real Estate Market both of these things are often at odds with a lot of holiday decorating.

Toronto is a multicultural city and what many sellers seem Hometo forget is that everyone isn’t the same or even close to what they are like.  People who are viewing their home may have different beliefs, enjoy different lifestyles, or they may be different in any number of ways.  I’m all for some personal touches to pay homage to whatever holiday you celebrate, just try not to over do it.  If you do, and if a potential buyer can’t imagine themselves in your home you just might lose a sale.

If you’re thinking of buying or selling Toronto Real Estate, just call me at 416-671-5775


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