I used to think that if you didn’t have a car you couldn’t afford a home…

Things have changed and so has my opinion.

More and more people are relying on bikes, walking, and public transit in Toronto Condothey are some of the major reasons why walkscore is becoming more and more important to home buyers.  Click here to see my previous article on walkscores.

I’ve also helped two different couples downsize from the suburbs and move downtown.  One sold both their cars, and another kept one for out of town trips. both of course, moved to great walkable areas one in Cabbagetown and the other near the St. Lawrence Market.


It’s not just me who has had an attitude change, builders have too.  Click here to read a Toronto Star article that developers are finding condo parking spots a tough sell.  There’s even a few new condo building downtown that only offer parking spots for sale if you buy one of the larger suites.

Finally, and this still seems amazing to me, I heard that there’s at least one condo downtown that might have no parking at all!

If you’re looking to buy or sell Toronto Real Estate, just give me a call at 416-671-5775

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