Why does my agent show me properties that I didn’t ask about?

When my clients are looking for a new house, I rarely show them homes that I haven’t talked to them about, but every now and then I do.  When I can’t get in touch with my client before we are scheduled to meet and there’s a similar home close by, I book it.  Then, when we’re together I tell my client about it and they have the option of seeing it or not while we are together. It’s easier to cancel a showing than book them.

I actually often do it in condos.  If I am showing a client a 2 bedroom condo, then I Homewill see if there are other 2 bedroom condos for sale in the same building and book showings for them, but only if they meet their criteria.

I try not to catch clients off guard or pressure them into seeing anything that they don’t want to see, but sometimes it just makes sense.  I’m often thanked afterwards because I they now have a little more information that just might help them make a decision.  They may even see a better property than the one they wanted to see.

One of the most important tools that I have in my quiver is my Ipad with a wirelessCondo connection.  It’s important because I have the MLS in my hand, which has a wealth of information, including the ability to look up comparable solds. One of the best apps that I have though is the realtor.ca app.  With it, I can see almost all the other homes and condos that are for sale in the area.  I suggest that all my clients get it for their smartphones and tablets.

If you’re thinking about buying or selling Toronto Real Estate, just call me at 416-671-5775


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