Yes, I will show you that property at 8:30 am tomorrow

I got a call from a really good client yesterday asking me if I could show them a house at 8:30 am today.  Short notice, but I said yes.

We all like to work regular hours, but in a large metropolitan city like Toronto I realize that my regular hours aren’t the same as all of my client’s regular hours.  I Condodon’t always say yes, but I do work on holidays, in the early mornings, or late in the evening quite often.

I also remind my listing clients that potential buyers may ask for showings at some very early or very late times.  I don’t say that they have to agree to all them, but I do mention that they will probably get some requests for showings at times that just aren’t convenient for them.  Click here to see my article about showings and why you should confirm them.

If you’re looking to buy or sell Toronto Real Estate, just call me at 416-671-5775

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