Why you might buy a million dollar home without parking

I would, would you?

Homes in some parts of Toronto were built before the 1920’s.  These homes were built before many people had cars, and as a result they don’t have driveways or even mutual driveways.  The homes are just too close together.

What would possess someone to buy one of these old homes? 

The answer is that some of these older neighbourhoods have some of the highest Walk Scores in all of Toronto.

Many of these older neighborhoods have been redeveloped with the help of strong Business Improvement Associations’ whose main purpose is to create a self-help program to promote and stimulate local business.

I’ve lived in a few of these neighbourhoods and at one time I even had two cars and no parking!  It’s not for everyone, but in my experience it wasn’t a big issue at all.  If we had to unload groceries or other items from our car we’d just pull up in front of the house for a few minutes and unload and then find a parking spot.  We rarely had to park our car more than a block away.

Choosing a house will always be an exercise in compromise.  We decided that we’d rather have a house that was a few minutes walk from the subway and in a neighbourhood that we could just walk out the door and buy fresh fruit, vegetables, and meat.

What kind of neighbourhood are you looking for?

If you’re thinking of buying or selling real estate in Toronto, just pick up the phone and call me (416) 671-5775.  I’d be happy to help you….

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