The Future of Toronto Real Estate

Toronto real estate has changed in the last 15 years.  Gone are the times when there are P1050031new groups of single family homes being built.  Condominiums are being built where groups of homes used to be; even green (and brown) spaces are being often used as land for condo development.  With them come more stores, restaurants, and services.  Today, it’s not unreasonable to look for and find a great place in Toronto to live with a 90+ Walk Score.

Over the next 10 years you’ll be seeing more condos of all sizes.  I’m starting to see more and more luxury townhouse developments, but what I’m really excited about is the small and mid-rise condos sprouting up along the major downtown streets.  I’ve seen them along Queen, College, Annette, and Ossington to name a few.  I’ve also heard that more are on their way.

The demand for both luxury condo townhouses and the smaller boutique sized condo 394 Eucliddevelopments is huge.  People love them because they are within some of the great nature neighbourhoods of Toronto.

Whether your downsizing or moving up, these smaller condominium developments might be the next best thing for you.

Call me if you’re looking to buy or sell property in the GTA in the near future.  You won’t be disappointed… 416-671-5775

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