Toronto – The City within a Park

I recently heard someone talking about Central Park in New York City.  They went on and on about it’s virtues.  I’ve got to say, it is really amazing.  It took a lot of effort to ensure that the park was designed well, and still exists today in 2015.

I then heard another person in the conversation say “Toronto is a City within a Park”. That got me thinking… and you know, they’re right!

The city of Toronto has more than 1,600 public parks and 600 km of trails. The parks Photo Taken by Thea Menaghsystem covers 8,000 hectares which is about 13% of the city’s total area.  Not only that but these parks and green spaces are often connected so that you can go from one to another and walk to where you want to go.  I recently walked the along the beltline trail and couldn’t believe how great it was.

These parks and natural areas often follow the ravine system and the Lake Ontario Shoreline.  Toronto has many beaches, playgrounds, sportsfields, ice rinks, and conservatories. Some are even available to book for special events.

So while you’re looking out your window at the snow this winter, consider getting out there and enjoying some of what Toronto has to offer.  Parks and natural areas aren’t just for the summer.

For more information about Toronto’s Parks and Natural Spaces go to the City of Toronto website.  Feel free to suggest other places as well.

If you are looking for a home or condo near a great park, or a specific kind of recreational facility, feel free to contact me at 416-671-5775.

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