It’s a blessing and a curse

Lately there have been more homes and condos for sale and it’s been taking longer to sell them than it did earlier in the year.  It’s a blessing and a curse and here’s how to handle it.


For Buyers It’s a blessing because they now have options and can compare homes and condos to each other before making an offer.  It’s also great because they don’t know what the possibilities are sometimes and are happy to see types of homes and features that they didn’t know exist.  My advice on this one is easy: Take notes and keep them in a single place.  You’ll be glad that you did when trying to make a decision…

For Sellers, it’s a different story. Both houses and condos aren’t selling as quickly as they have been this year, and they know that buyers are comparing their home to others when making a decision on which one to buy.

My advice: Make your home rememberable. In this market you’ve really got to make your home (house or condo) stand out from the crowd.  Give potential buyers something to remember it by.

There are many ways to do it, here are a few examples…

Although a little bright, the owner of one condo I listed in 30 storey 400+ unit condo building painted the wall behind the bed in the master bedroom bright orange. It wasn’t to my taste, but everyone who called me on the property (including other agents), referred to the condo as “the one with the orange wall”.  They remembered it amongst the others for sale and they new that it was just paint and could be changed very inexpensively.

In a downtown house that I had listed last year my clients bought a large piece of art, a green apple, and placed it in the middle of a bare dining room table.  Now this wasn’t just any apple it was more than 1 foot across. Many people commented on it, and I’m sure it helped people remember the house.

In another house the owner had a large clock on the wall that was in a famous TV show from the eighties.  It wouldn’t be remembered by everyone, but people of a certain age would definitely remember the show.

If you’re looking for something a little less bold, try something a subliminal…

One client a few years ago had alphabet refrigerator magnets and arranged them so that in the middle of what looked like a random pattern it said “Buy This House” on the refrigerator and it was at eye level.  More than a few agents who showed the house remarked on this strategy…

Finally, and there’s a previous blog post on this, try and put a focal point in every room and when the person walks up to that focal point make sure that there’s another one in another room that will draw them towards it.

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